Revision Process for Medical Physics

Please prepare a revised manuscript that responds to the critiques provided by the reviewers, including the Deputy Editor, Associate Editor, and the referee(s). The revised manuscript should be received within 4 weeks of your receipt of the decision email; however, you can request a 2 week extension if you find that necessary (that request should be received at least 5 days prior to the 4 week deadline). All late resubmissions will be considered new and a new manuscript number and submission date will be issued.

All modified text in the revised manuscript should be highlighted with either red font or a colored (yellow) background. Please do not use track changes or show deleted text. The revised manuscript should have embedded figures and line numbers, as with original submissions.

Along with your revised manuscript, please include a response letter that addresses each issue raised by each reviewer and indicate how the manuscript has been revised in response to that issue or refute the issue(s) raised by the reviewer. The point-by-point responses in the response letter should address the following elements for every issue raised by the reviewers:

      [1] For minor changes (e.g., typo or grammatical change), you can simply indicate “done” without providing text (as
       in [2] below).
For more substantive issues raised by the reviewer, please include both:
      [2] The text of the original criticism made by the reviewer (cut and paste), and:
      [3] authors’ response, including a compelling rebuttal or a description of changes made.

If you change the title of your manuscript during the revision process, please go into the manuscript’s “title” online as you upload your resubmitted manuscript and change the title there.

If your manuscript is ultimately published, the published page count will be approximately (#words / 900). If the article is longer than the page limit, you should be aware that page charges will be applied at $200 per (excess) page. The page limits are: 10 for research articles, 5 for technical notes.

When you are ready, please submit the revised version after logging in at the following URL: