Editorial Policy and Instructions for Manuscripts

Dr. Jeffrey Williamson, Editor in Chief
Washington University

Medical Physics publishes articles broadly concerned with the relationship of physics to human biology and medicine. Published materials may be theoretical or experimental. Review Articles, Research Reports, Technical Reports, Technical Notes and Letters, are acceptable; instructions for their preparation are available from the Editorial Office (address below).

Manuscripts must be in English, and must be submitted online via the EJPress system. Specific instructions for online submissions are available at the EJPress website.

Submission of a manuscript indicates that it has not been published previously nor concurrently submitted for publication elsewhere and this should be stated in the letter of submission. The manuscript should be accompanied by a statement transferring copyright from the authors (or their employers, whoever holds the copyright) to the American Association of Physicists in Medicine; a suitable form for copyright transfer is available from the Medical Physics Editorial Office in Alexandria, VA.